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Owner Success Story: The Bagleys & PMC Nashville

Property Management Connection - Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Property Management Connection is Nashville’s most-trusted property manager and achieves success with its efficient processes and full team of 15+ employees to streamline and reduce the time it takes for your property to be rent ready and occupied.

A recent example that shows off PMC’s ability to quickly move properties to every owner’s favorite status of “occupied”; comes from our work with Nashville property owners Marc and Alayna Bagley. 

The Problem

The couple came to us with a problem: as frequent travelers, they needed a way to manage their property remotely, and they needed a quick solution. They asked their realtor* and were led to The Property Management Connection. 

“From the beginning, there was prompt and thorough communication,” the Bagleys said of PMC Nashville. “We were wanting a quick process and PMC showed us that they understood our need by the way they responded immediately with reliable service.”

The Bagleys chose PMC and what happened next was a major success.

PMC’s Solution

Within an astounding 18 business days, PMC solved the Bagleys’ dilemma by taking on the management duties of their property. Now the Bagleys can kick back worry-free on their next trip!

“The Bagley timeline is an outstanding example of what PMC can achieve when an owner and our team work together in a trusting and responsive manner.” said Eric Jones, PMC’s General Manager

The Bagley Timeline: Here’s How It Worked

Day 1: Realtor Cade Sorrell gives a management referral* to PMC GM Eric Jones

Day 2: Eric talks to the Bagleys and sends information to consider (the Brokerage-Management Agreement, W9 Form, ACH Form).

Day 3: After review, the Bagleys choose PMC as their Property Manager and sign and upload all necessary materials (including Property Intake Form & Insurance Certificate of Liability).

Uploads begin processing by PMC Owner Relations team.

Owner Relations onboards the Bagleys and requests Property Reserve.

The Bagleys pay property reserve later that day.

Day 6: Property Visited by PMC and photos taken for listing.

Day 7: Property listed by PMC and Rent Ready cleaning and maintenance assigned and scheduled.

Day 9: Tenants apply.

Day 10: Tenant application is approved and security deposit paid.**

Day 12: Rent Ready cleaning and maintenance complete.

Day 17: Tenant pays rent.

Day 18: Tenant moves in.

Ever since completing the swift onboarding process, the Bagleys have been able to focus on enjoying trips and simply living life without the stress of being on-call and managing their property.

“What we enjoy the most is the silence!” the Bagleys said. “PMC handles everything with the tenants and we see the check come through each month. Whenever we do have a question, we receive quick, personalized service ensuring any questions or concerns are addressed.”

Call the Property Management Connection today and let us give you Peace of Mind for Your Piece of Property.

*PMC’s Referral Bonus: The Bagleys were referred to us by local Realtor Cade Sorrells of Felts Partners with Bradford Real Estate. At the time of the tenants move in, Cade received a $333 referral bonus from PMC as a thank you for sending a great pair of property investment owners our way. Did you know that REALTORS® AND Owners are eligible for a $333 referral bonus? Simply tell your favorite property owner about PMC Nashville and we’ll make sure to say thank you! Learn More Here

**PMC’s 21-Day Guarantee: Finding great tenants is important. And finding them quickly even more so. It only took PMC four days to have the Bagleys property occupied after it being listed, though our average is closer to 7-10 days. Tenant placement is of such great importance that PMC stands by its 21-Day Guarantee: which promises owners tenant occupancy within 21 days or a month’s management fee is credited back to the owner. Learn More Here